The world is but an everchanging canvas and I see myself as the artist. My goal each day is to capture something that we all could see, but often tune out. Because our great earth changes each and every day, so too does my canvas of opportunity!

Thank you for visiting my page! To see samples of my work click the "Galleries" link in the upper right corner. To learn why we think you should hire us for your next photo shoot, click the "Why Hire Us?" link. Take your time and enjoy the visual candy, I welcome your feedback!

For pricing information or to schedule me for your next shoot send me an e-mail at:


Christie :-)

~Portrait Photography - Individuals and Families
~Event Photography - reunions, special events, parties, small garden weddings, the ideas are endless!
~Social Network or Corporate Headshots
~Custom Digital Slideshows
~Photo Retouching and Restoration

Some awesome people that I have shot (and pets)!

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